Our Services

Hybrid workloads.

Hybrid cloud deployment combines the benefits of innovation, speed, consumption, and recouping existing investments. Reduce system and administration costs, protect data and simplify operations with unified management across hybrid clouds.

Data Protection.

Backup and restore data from your premises to the public cloud. Create secure file syncs, and create disaster recovery environments in, one or more public clouds.

Data security and compliance.

Store data in specific cloud locations to meet sovereignty, security, and for compliance requirements. Improve data visibility, and protect against ransomware. Go from risk to resilience.

Data tiering.

Reduce real estate space, infrastructure management, and operating expenses, by automating movement of infrequently accessed, “cold” data, from your premises to cloud storage.


Scale and speed application development, with a hybrid cloud environment, so that you can release applications faster, and support continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Cloud bursting.

Temporarily move data or clones of data, from on-premises environments to cloud, or between clouds, for dynamic workload flexibility, and for data processing.

Why White Code Labs for Hybrid Cloud Services ?

What if you could move your data and workloads whenever and wherever you wanted, while managing everything with ease, security, agility and compliance. Enter White Code Labs. We give organizations the freedom to manage applications and data, everywhere across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

White Code Labs is an award-winning, hybrid, cloud service provider. Our hybrid cloud services, data management, and storage solutions, integrate with the worlds’ leading cloud providers, giving you one consistent environment.

Key hybrid cloud elements
No matter how often your hybrid cloud strategy changes or evolves, our solutions deliver everything necessary for a flexible hybrid cloud

Unified infrastructure

Get a common storage layer across your data center and choice of public clouds with ONTAP.

Simplified management

Access the same rich data services  on premises and in the cloud.

"as-a-service" flexibility

Enjoy storage consumption on your terms consistently across your entire hybrid cloud.

Expert data services

Get expert help designing and building your ideal hybrid cloud.

Use cases

Whether migrating data and production applications or extending your data center for backup and recovery, it’s important to move fast without creating more complexity. That’s exactly what your data fabric from us will allow you to do.

Data protection done right

Back up and restore  data everywhere from on premises to the public cloud(s).

Get the best of both worlds

Integrate and manage on-prem and public cloud storage to support the same workload.

Your data is safe with us

Get a strong approach to hybrid security and compliance using the same tools.

Complement data center compute

Temporarily move data from on-premises to the cloud for data processing.

Unlock the best of cloud
We were asked by the world's biggest hyperscalers—Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM—to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime.