Our Capabilities

White Code Labs is an award-winning, enterprise software company. We combine insights, innovation and our deep technical expertise, to develop software services and solutions that enable businesses to steer through their digital journey.

Our deep technical expertise puts us in an unique position to help you use the right technology to address your most complex and critical challenges,—whether it is through faster cloud migration, or making the most of your data through applied intelligence. Our strategy has always been shaped around helping our customers embrace the full potential of new technologies

Awards and Accolades

Among the top Disruptors in Cloud Computing.

We were ranked one of the top disruptors in Cloud Computing, alongside; Cloudera, Digital Ocean and Rackspace.

Top Software Companies in the Financial Services Industry

White Code Labs was awarded one of the top software vendors within the Financial Service Industry.

Leader in Hybrid Cloud

We were ranked one of the top companies in Hybrid Cloud alongside; Microsoft, AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, RightScale, Navisitie, and Concerto Cloud Services.

Top companies in IoT

White Code Labs was awarded one of the top companies in IoT alongside; IBM, Oracle, Accenture and Honeywell.

Our Clients